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Valve Systems

Solenoid valves are used for RO, Sewage water, Metro and corporation water flow control. These solenoid valves are operated by an electromagnetic coil and so it requires external power supply. Wherever the pipe line pressure is higher, we can use these valves.


1. SS Solenoid valves 2. Can fit for pressure based pump controller 3. Auto / Manual option available 4. Pilot operated coil 5. Manufactured by UFLOW 6. Valve size ranges from 3/4” Inch 7. Minimum 1 Bar required to operate the valve in Auto mode 8. Coil operating voltage – AC - 230V, 50HZ

Pilot operated coil

Float Valve can be used for lock any pipe line, when the liquid level reaches certain high level In the tank. The ball is made of Plastic and the valve set is made of brass gives longer life.


1. Fit for metro or corporation sump overflow protection
2. Multi tank control
3. Low cost compared to solenoid valves
4. No need of power supply


Non Return Valves are used to prevent reverse flow of water in the deliver line of Water pumps. Wide range of sizes available.


1. Wide range available for different pipe size and materials
2. Maintain constant pressure in the pipe line
3. Prevent reverse flow of water enters the pump.



1. Removable mechanism, easy installation without recalibration
2. High quality material for accurate performance
3. Suitable for Cold Water (50 deg C) / Hot Water (90 deg C)
4. Pulse output for future communication.

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