3 or 4 Pole Contactors from the house of L&T is a highly reliable contactor that enables you to handle heavy loads like electric motor, lighting and heating equipments and so on. Ranges starting from 4A.

electromagnetic relays

Electromagnetic Relays

8 pins, DPDT type, plastic housing. Can adjust automatically, protect and transform the electric circuit. Used widely in the remote control, communication, automatic control system, electronic equipments, etc. Range: AC 250V/DC 28V 5A(NC) 10A (NO)

circuit breakers

Circuit Breakers

• SPN – Single Pole and Neutral
• DP – Double pole
• TP – Triple Pole
• TPN – Triple Pole and Neutral
• 4P – Four Pole

over load relay

Over Load Relay

• Adjustable Thermal Overload Relay give motors positive over current protection.
• It can install independently or connect with contactor.

analog delay timers

Analog Delay Timers

The Selec 800SQ-A timer is housed in a compact DIN rail mount to a socket and are powered from a large choice of AC or DC power options. Selec 800SQ-A has 8 Time ranges and Time functions like On-Delay timer, Off - Delay timer etc., are available, adjustable through the calibrated front control knob. These timers offer many different timing functions together with accurate, long-term switching reliability and high current switching contacts. The single or double pole changeover relay output contacts are isolated from the supply voltage.

programmable timers

Programmable Timers

Multi function non signal and signal based output. Timer range - 0.1 Sec to 999Hrs 3 digit LCD display. Panel mount Features: ON delay, OFF delay, Cyclic ON & OFF, Interval, etc., Application : Domestic and commercial purpose

automatic timers

SSD Relay

The SPDT Relay (30A) is a high quality Single Pole Double Throw Relay (SPDT).The Relay consist of a coil, 1 common terminal, 1 NC terminal and 1 NO terminal. When the coil is energized, the common terminal and the normally open terminal have continuity. The contact is rated up to 30A (@250VAC, 30VDC). Use it to control high current devices.

volt and amps meter

Volt & Amps Meters

• Superior Grade Bakelite
• Accurately Calibrated
• Provision for Zero Adjustment
• Available in various models

phase selector

Phase Selector Switch

Phase selector switch with wide range starting from 40A Customizable product

Selector & Toggle Switch

Selector & Toggle Switch

Can be used for sensor selection and electronic device controller

Push Buttons

Push Buttons

Starter Push button switches with NC/NO contacts with wire range of current rating

Pressure switc

Pressure switch

Model KP 35: Contact system with standard AG contacts. Single pole changeover switch (SPDT). KP 35: 22 bar KP 33: 10 bar Alternating current: AC-1: 16 A, 400 V AC-3: 16 A, 400 V

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